The 7 Best BBQ Tools of 2019

Best Overall: Cuisinart CGS-134 Grilling Tool Set
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What makes a grilling accessory the absolute best? It should be the most versatile and useful to make the grilling process easy. With that in mind, it is easy to see why basic tools will always be the most useful. Without a good set of forks, knives, tongs or spatulas, true grilling is more difficult when you need to get the right temperatures and flavors.

The Cuisinart CGS-134 Grilling Tool Set will give you all of the basic grilling tools you need in a single group. Including a spatula, grill fork, tongs, and a glove to protect your hand from the heat, this set will let you manipulate the meat with ease. Each tool has a red rubberized plastic grip to keep the heat down as well. For safer cooking, the longer profile of each tool will keep your hands further away from the heat without sacrificing any control.

Best Brush: Tadge Goods Bristle Free BBQ Grill Brush/Scraper
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Charcoal grilling is considered to be a classic form of cooking by many hobbyist and professional grillers. Charcoal creates a signature taste electric and gas grills simply cannot reproduce. Unfortunately, charcoal grilling is also messy and harsh on the meat and equipment. Cleanup is never easy unless you have the right tool to keep everything clean as you grill.

The Tadge Goods Bristle Free BBQ Grill Brush/Scraper makes it much easier to control the final outcome of your grilling experience. Charcoal can get messy both during and after you have grilled food. Using four rows of coils, this scraper and brush combination will easily remove leftover charcoal for easy cleanup. When used while cooking, the coils can withstand high heat temperatures, meaning you can cook different types of meat in sequence.

Best Grill Thermometer: Harbor Meat Thermometer
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Grilling is a temperature balancing act. Too much or too little heat will never produce the type of barbecue you want. So how do you make sure your meat is always cooking with the right amount of heat? A simple meat thermometer will do. Indispensable in any style of grilling or cooking, meat thermometers are often inexpensive, small devices you can keep right at your side. The very best not only give you an accurate read every time, they will also keep your hands away from the grill so you aren’t burning any skin in the process.

The Harbor Meat Thermometer will make sure you hit your desired internal temperature mark time and time again. Using a bright LCD panel with easy-to-read lettering, the thermometer is easy to use anytime during the grilling process. The long temperature probe can penetrate deep into any cut of meat while keeping your hands well away from the heat source and danger. To save battery life, the thermometer will automatically shut off after ten minutes.

Best Gloves: Grace Kitchenwares 3 x No.1 Set
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Gas grills are often more convenient to use since the gas itself is easy to hook up and use. There is usually less of a mess and finer temperature control, making gas a logical choice for anyone who can do without the taste of charcoal grilling. Since you don’t have to worry about uneven heat distribution, the best accessory for gas grilling is something that will expand your grilling horizons.

The Grace Kitchenwares 3 x No.1 Set provides a combination of protection and utility in a single package. Made up of two rubber cooking gloves and a matching pair of grilling claws, the set will allow you to safely manipulate meat without worrying about the high gas-fueled temperatures. The claws and gloves provide finer control over food compared to cooking tongs and even make it easier to shred meat right on the grill for dishes like pulled pork.

Best Comprehensive Set: Chef Buddy BBQ Grilling Tool Kit
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Grilling tools make a large difference when it comes to cooking great barbeque. Some tools make life easier while others are absolutely crucial for grilling success. The trick is knowing which tools you need at any given moment. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to know which tools will come in handy, especially if you are just starting out. Thankfully, a good grilling kit will keep you covered for most grilling situations.

For times when you simply need it all, the Chef Buddy BBQ Grilling Tool Kit is the best choice. This kit includes almost any common grilling tool you might use in a handy, durable metal case for consistent organization. Beyond the normal assortment of tongs, forks, spatulas and knives, the kit also includes two brushes. Each tool is made of aluminum to prevent heat damage after extended use.

Best Basket: Grillaholics Grill Basket
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Some people absolutely love the look and taste of grill marks on their grilled meats. But when you are cooking smaller foods like veggies and shrimp the food can tend to fall through the grates and burn up in the flame. If you often find yourself losing a lot of your dinner to the fire you’ll want to invest in a grill basket.

A grill basket acts almost like a wok to your grill. It has opened holes that will allow the heat to get in, but they’re small enough that most of your food can’t escape. This favorite is large enough for most but not too large that it won’t fit on your grill. It has high sides that will keep your food contained when you are stirring up the contents. ​

Best for Kamado-Style Grilling: Char-Griller 6201 Smokin’ Stone
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The kamado-style grill has become more and more popular in recent years due to its overall versatility and unique cooking style. While it functions just like any other grill, the different profile of a kamado grill makes it difficult to use traditional accessories. That is why kamado-specific grilling accessories can be a good investment if you really want to explore where this type of grill can take you.

The Char-Griller 6201 Smokin’ Stone provides a large cooking surface in a small space that will fit most typical kamado grills. The round profile of the stone diverts heat around so that the entire surface is completely covered. This means your food will cook evenly without the worry of hot spots creating tough or undercooked spots. This stone is perfect for turning your kamodo grill into a pizza or pastry oven as well.

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