Birth Control For Feral Cats

Anyone who manages a feral colony can attest to the sometimes losing battle of getting all the cats fixed before the next batch of kittens is born. The galveston county daily news reports while the organization is still investigating the project, oral contraceptive methods could supplement an island program in which people trap strays and have them neutered and vaccinated.

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Use only pills or oral suspension for feral colony use!.

Birth control for feral cats. Proponents say the advantages include: An oral birth control program for felines could help reduce the population of feral cats, galveston island humane society spokespeople said. There are studies now looking at other methods of birth control (for feral cats) but so far nothing is working.

Apparently not many people know this, but oral contraception for cats has been around for as long as 30 years. Some major rescue groups don't approve of its use because male cats, baby kittens, and even dogs will eat the food that is Most cats mate once and then become pregnant.

Burdened with too many pets, too many litters of puppies or kittens? For details on this hormone treatment, visit www.birth For cats and dogs or small mammals you would use less.

At animal birth control, we are experienced with feral cats. Feral cats are truly wild cats. It's not the best option, but it's less costly and easier to administer than capturing every stray that needs it.

Birth control pills for cats. If you are interested in human remedies for birth control in cats, there are only a few options available. A 100 count bottle will last a long time depending on the number of feral cats in your colony.

Galveston, texas (ap) — an oral birth control program for felines could help reduce the population of feral cats, galveston island humane society spokespeople said. It was being used successfully by many people who care about humanely controlling feral and stray cat populations. The dosages indicated below are low enough to be safe but effective based on previous studies and use by our colonies.

We are willing to work with you in your efforts to trap, sterilize, and release them, but we have found that it needs to be done in a very organized way. Animal groups target feral cats. Tnr is often an ongoing project that takes some time to complete.

Feral cats are then returned to their familiar environment and, hopefully, cared for by volunteers, who may provide food and shelter, and monitor them for sickness. Originally posted by scottie242 looking for some contraception for my female cats. Ovaban is utilized as an oral contraceptive to reduce the number of litters born into a colony while the cats are being humane trapped and neutered.

Joined oct 5, 2003 messages 7,980 reaction score 13 location northern virginia. Spaying or neutering cats is among the most inexpensive ways to control the feline population these days. The galveston county daily news.

Of special note is that one person could handle a fairly large colony of cats without help or great expense. The link will take you to the human's page but the same products work for humans and animals. Why is birth control for cats so controversial?

In 15 years of looking for birth control for cats, i have yet to find a practical solution. The galveston county daily news reports while the. Believe it or not, the above statement is true.

Jan 14, 2007 #5 tnr1 tcs member. The birth control drug known as feralstat (megestrol acetate) used to be available to individuals and groups as the most practical and economical method to manage stray and feral cat colonies. The spay clinic would cost $72 each (they're usually pretty good at sticking to the stated cost) for 100% effective birth control (plus other benefits, and protection against rabies).

Natural birth control for pets. Florida (us) — a single dose of a contraceptive vaccine can make most female cats infertile for several years. Please click here to order products.

Female cats usually become sexually mature and active at some stage after six months of age. Even the feralstat website has disappeared. Sham breeding is a form of cat birth control that follows this principle.

The heat cycle ends after intercourse. We will present you with possible ways to obtain megestrol acetate. This website does not sell or prescribe feline birth control.

Second, cats move in and out of our farm on a regular basis. 1) call as soon as you have trapped the cat and let us know. Birth control for cats using feralstat image via wikipedia what happened to feralstat?

Case in point, we’ve neutered tomcats ourselves, only to have intact tomcats move in shortly after. Be aware that this type of birth control can put your cat at a higher risk for diabetes, uterine infection, and mammary tumors. Controlling the birth rates of feral cats has been difficult in the past, since conventional spay and neuter techniques require surgery in a controlled environment.

It was working, but it is no longer available. It is a synthetic progestin that has been used for many years in human medicine and to treat other conditions in cats. There really is safe & affordable birth control for feral cats!

Cats are sexually promiscuous and will seek out and mate with tom cats, usually with a very high breeding success rate.

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