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I've been having anxiety over this. The question is imprecise because it can only genuinely apply to wild cat species as domestic cats are normally neutered and neutered cats spray relatively infrequently and only when they feel driven to do it, perhaps because of anxiety.

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Cindi cox of the massachusetts society for the prevention of cruelty to animals’ angell animal medical center in boston.

Do neutered cats spray reddit. The urge to spray is extremely strong in cats who have not been spayed or neutered, so the simplest solution is to get that taken care of by five months of age, before there's even a problem. Aside from having things ruined, just when i think i can trust don again, i find spray in a new place. My boyfriend’s parent’s don’t dislike cats but they prefer to have an outdoor mousing cat rather than an indoor cat and instead have a big dog.

My neutered cat donatello started randomly spraying over the summer. They tend to trace the scent of their urine whenever they want. Since this is a one time thing and that seems to be a lot of pee, i would want him checked out by a vet fairly quickly just to make sure you aren’t dealing with a partial blockage rather than spraying.

I have begun noticing a sticky clear liquid on some things in my house, like clothes and rugs. Has anybody had to medicate their cats for spraying, and if so, how did it go? Cats have an acute sense of smell.

They were both spayed/neutered by the animal shelter before we got them when they were around 8 weeks old. So why do female and neutered male cats spray? Fights tend to break out, especially if there's a female cat in heat nearby.

Lastly, finn, the male, displays no signs of tomcatness other than banging this female. It's only about once a week that i know of, but i'm scared it's escalating now. One male and one female.

If you're worried about how to care for your cat after it’s been spayed (female cats) or neutered (male cats), you’ve come to the right place. By neutering your cats, you'll reduce their aggressive instincts. Cats might spray because of underlying medical conditions, litter box issues, or anxiety, the latter being most common cause.

Unspayed female cats are much more likely to spray urine than those who have been fixed. spaying also reduces the chance of certain medication conditions such as breast cancer. Cats are very clean animals, and when their litterbox is dirty it increases the chances of inappropriate elimination. Cats are very territorial, even more so when sexually intact.

Males are more likely than females to spray, but if a cat is neutered before 6 months, he will almost never spray. However, don’t use pure vinegar, always dilute it with water at a 3 to 1 ratio and spray it in the needed spot. This is the reason why female cats in heat will spray all over.

If he has never done it, and was neutered and he is sick, or stressed or warning another cat off, he will spray as it is his tendency to do. A small percentage of cats will still spray after this procedure, but it increases the chances drastically of them not doing it before the behavior. Not many studies have looked at this in cats and so we tend to consider it in the same way we do with dogs.

It is a natural behavior in cats. It’s an attractant for male cats that have reached their sexual maturity. Cat neutering or spaying aftercare keep cats calm the first thing veterinarians will explain is that cats should be kept quiet during the spay or neuter recovery time.

He's the alpha of our three cats, and always gets stressed out when he can't go assert his dominance over intruders in the yard. If an intact male cat does begin to spray, neutering him will solve the problem in about 95 percent of the cases. Pyometra is a life threatening infection of the uterus.

There have been strays in the yard that appear to have started this. Yes, vinegar will stop your cat from peeing in unwanted places. It is not about dominance or territory, says dr.

The more cats there are in the household, the more likely that a cat will. Probably 99% of intact toms spray, and quite prolifically! If not neutered, male cats will hump things if they weren’t able to mate with a female cat.

That means no excessive running, jumping, or playing. The vast majority of cats do not spray. Step 3 clean the cat's litterbox daily.

The best thing you can do is to have them neutered or spayed before they reach the age of 6 months. My jaffa is quite a nervous little lad and a real mummy's boy and i noticed he does tend to do it most often when i go to pet him (especially when i get in from work). If the male has the pattern down and has sprayed before he was neutered, he could still spray after the surgery.

You can feed a combination of dry and wet. Unneutered male cats are driven by hormones to seek mates and defend their territory against intruders. Male cats don’t go in heat like females do.

Get your cat spayed or neutered. The answer was that it is a behavioural thing and the vet likened it to a release of pent up emotion and said it was mainly slightly timid and nervous cats who did it. But a neutered male is no more likely to spray than a female, and spayed/neutered cats of either gender are far less likely to spray than intact cats.

They only respond to female cats that are in heat. Usually it's stress or rivalry that sets them off. So, two or more unneutered male cats in the same household can spell trouble.

But i owned a male siamese that lived with two females and kittens, never sprayed once in the five years i had him. There are several things you can do to help your cat recover from its operation and get back to its healthy, happy feline self. Some females will spray, too, even those spayed young.

This leads to increased fighting over resources, be that land, food or mates. How to use essential oils to deter cats from peeing in the wrong spot. Therefore, it is advisable to neuter or spay your cat before the age of 6 months so as to curb this behavior from developing when puberty hits.

They are both between a 1 and 1.5 years old. Some cats will even urinate and cry right in front of you or try to urinate in the bathtub or sink to let you know something's wrong. You don't necessarily need special food for neutered cats, but do get a high quality cat food.

It is fairly common for it to happen with cats that aren't fixed, and fixing seems to stop this problem. All cats are capable of spraying but fortunately most neutered pets don’t do it. I moved away from my parent’s house over a year ago to my aunt’s and i moved from my aunt’s to my boyfriend’s parent’s house and both do not have indoor cats.

The cheaper foods have low quality ingredients and it will show in their coats and their health, such as renal problems and crystals. People ask the question, “how often do cats spray?”.

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